The Devil walks among us.

He manifests himself in all the minute fears which creep inside your head during the late hours of the night. The Devil’s In The Details Volume 2 features twenty stories of psychological horror to seize your mind and claw back all the thoughts you wish you could forget.

Monsters in the darkness, hometown possessions, ghosts bound by tragedy, deals with the Devil– the twists and turns of this collection will keep you up at night wondering why you ever let yourself get sucked in.

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The Devil's In The Details

The things that truly haunt us dwell within the deepest confines of our subconscious

The Devil’s In The Details features twenty-five tales of psychological terror that attack all levels of the human psyche.

The complexities of the man’s darker side, satanic murders, paranormal phenomena, natural wonders, sinister technological advancement– Theses stories will burrow under your skin and fill you with a sense of dread you that you can’t escape.